The Top 4 SEO Trends of 2014

SEO Services Minneapolis are geared towards meeting the ever changing needs of our happy clients. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the latest 2014 SEO trends. Yes. The article will give you what is selling in getting top ranks on search engines. Just read on;

1. Use Social Media, Especially Google +

In 2014, Google is relying on human signs to rank webpages more than ever before. Search engines are using comments, likes, tweets and such other human interaction with content to help vet sides. To be more specific, if you are targeting to rank well on Google, you have to use Google Plus: I mean actively use it. It’s owned by Google and using it gives you a hands-up over your competitors. In fact, Larry page (Google’s CEO), admitted that using Google + helps you rank better. . If you don’t have an optimal social media strategy, its time you outsource our SEO Service Minneapolis and let us help you create one.

2. Building a Strong Brand is More Useful 

In 2014, a strong brand name is taking on an increasing role in search engine optimization. One tangible illustration is Google invention and emphasis on use of Google Authorship, a program that is serving to connect your content to your author profile. The end results of this Google invention is that Google authors who have built great authorship are seeing their content rank high on search engines. In 2014, building a strong brand is a critical step in achieving better ranking. We just completed a brand awareness campaign with Height Increasing Shoes and elevator shoes manufactures that specializes in handmade Italian height increasing shoes.

3. Content Marketing Is Here to Stay

In 2013, content marketing was the buzzword for SEO and this is a trend that is here to stay. As an entrepreneur, you have to become savvy with creating and sharing content that resonates with the audience, and ways of telling them about your own products and success story. Google has made it clear that keyword stuffing and spamming is no longer going to work. If anything, attempting such techniques will only get your website blacklisted. Create content that is tailored to meet the needs of search engine users. Ideally, simply use the keyword in the title, once in the first paragraph, a few times in the article body, and once in the last sentence. Also make sure to use LSI Keywords and to market your content via Social media. Google penguin 2.0 updates, made it clear that keyword stuffing is clearly not the way for SEO. To rank well, focus on marketing original, unique and interesting content tailored for human readers.And course, check out, high school diploma onlineHigh School Online at Excel High School or an online business degree at Excel College.

4. Mobile Optimization is Vital.

Since Google Hummingbird updates were released, it has become increasingly hard for business without a mobile strategy to rank well. One of the latest 2014 SEO trends is to have both a mobile content marketing strategy, and a responsive design. But why a mobile optimization strategy? The answer is simple and easy.

According to a report by Apple on February 2014, more than 75% of the total US population own tablets, and more than 50% owns smartphones. As such, you need a responsive design to ensure that your website looks great and attracts these potential customers. If anything, the only way to really get started in online marketing is to look successful.


On search engine, success breeds success. If your design is well customized to appeal to these individuals, your website looks credible and this stimulates them to spend more time interacting with you. If you do not have a mobile optimization strategy, it is advisable you seek our SEO Service Minneapolis and let us help you. It’s one of the many things we are perfect in.